Why A Transmission Flush Is Important

Your vehicle is important to you therefore you take care of it any way that you can. From cosmetic to mechanical, you will learn the importance of taking care of every part of your vehicle. Having a well maintained and up-to-date vehicle is crucial for safety. A transmission flush is something you rarely hear about but is highly beneficial and you must be aware of certain signs that tell you it's time to flush the transmission.

A transmission flush is where the mechanic replaces the old fuel with new fuel by draining the old oil into a pan, allowing the build up and residue from coolers, converters and cooler lines. For the most part, anytime after 30,000 miles on your car or every two years you should have a transmission flush performed but there are some cases that require a flush more frequently or at an earlier time.

Many signs will lead you to an understanding of why and when you will need a transmission flush. These signs include hearing a constant grinding or other strange noise form your transmission. This typically means that too much dirt and sludge have gathered onto your transmission. When this happens, you should allows stop your vehicle and check the transmission fluid right away. Another sign to look out for is if you have a problem shifting into gear. The sludge and dirt can make it hard to switch into gears either switching too fast or slow while driving or may not even switch at all. If you are experiencing slippery gears. If your transmission is too dirty, it wont have enough pressure to slip into the appropriate gear. Keep in mind that the inconsistent flow of the transmission fluid make cause a surge for no apparent reason, jerking the vehicle forward or backward.

There are many other signs your vehicles needs a transmission flushed. If you don't know or you do know you need one, come see us. We are happy to help answer any questions you have. We are conveniently located in Bangor, Maine.

Transmission Fluid Service

Transmission Flush: $49 Plus fluid and tax

Flush with Multi-V Fluid: $135 Plus tax

  • Takes approximately 1 hour.

We recommend using the correct vehicle specific fluid and we flush until it comes out clean. This helps maintain your vehicle's warranty as well as helps your transmission to last longer.

The fluids are, but are not limited to:

  • Mercon/Dexron III (may now be referred to as multi-purpose ATF)
    $3.10 qt.
  • Mercon V - Ford's Semi-Synthetic (started limited use in 1997) Discontinued approximately 2006. It is now being referred to as Multi-Vehicle or Multi-V ATF
    $4.85 qt
  • Chrysler ATF+3 (may also be referred to as ATF Plus) Type 7176 in use as of 1986 by Chrysler (Discontinued by Chrysler approximately 2004,replaced by ATF+4 or Multi-V)
    $4.85 qt
  • Other fluids are available depending on the vehicle need
    • Toyota Type TIV - $4.70 qt
    • Honda Z-1 - $9.00 qt
    • Volvo - $80.80 4L
    • Dexron VI - $7.63 qt
    • Subaru HP - $7.75 qt
    • Mercon (Blue)(Continuously Variable Chain Type) - $10.61 qt
    • Toyota WS - $4.99 qt
  • Mercon SP and Mercon LV - These products used to be separate but are now combined in XT-10-QLVC

Multi-Vehicle may be used as a substitute for some types of ATF, ask us!

*We don't charge for environmental disposal fees!

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